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We have complete Spanish and English language Courses for Beginners to advanced. Learn Spanish or English and improve your speaking and writing skills.

Spanish Classes in Marbella, Spain: Intensive Spanish Courses are designed for those students who want to become fluent in Spanish in the shortest possible time. Hold a conversation in Spanish. Learn the basics and some intermediate of Spanish grammar. Acquire basic and some intermediate Spanish skills.

English classes in Marbella, Spain: Support classes to help our students to understand and pass the subject and courses based on the Cambridge method so that they learn mainly to speak English, relying on the four basic skills: reading, speaking, listening and writing.

Learn Spanish in Marbella, Spain: The easy way to learn Spanish in Marbella International Spanish School, one of the best places to learn Spanish in Spain. Spanish Classes in Marbella, its the ideal location to learn Spanish and enjoy the great climate and live the Andalucian lifestyle.

Tourism courses


Intensive courses

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Business courses


English courses

english language courses in marbella learn english in marbella

Learn Spanish in Marbella, Spain

• Intensive Courses: 10-20 hours of lessons per week.
• Year Round Courses: 3-6 hours weekly.
• Private lessons: tailor-made lessons.
• DELE Preparation Course.
• Summer Course: Intensive Course, accommodation, fun and cultural activities… we take on everything.

Spanish Courses PRICE LIST

• Intensive Course –Become fluent in Spanish. From €110/week
• Year Round Course –Become confident in Spanish. From €110/month
• Private Lessons –Customise your learning. From€23.50/lesson
• DELE Preparation Course –Get the best results with your Diploma. From €23.50/lesson
• Summer Course –Make the most of your holiday. From €927/Course
• Intensive Spanish Course for Companies. Bespoke budget for companies

Summer language Course

Make the most of your holiday with Spanish Classes in Marbella International Spanish School, with our Summer Programme.

A great way to learn Spanish and spend your holidays in Marbella, Spain. Students booking a Summer Course in Marbella will find a wide choice of accommodation solutions, activities and everything that a top destination can offer, at the most advantageous prices. We encourage you to compare our Summer Courses prices with those in other Spanish cities like Madrid or Barcelona, looking carefully not only at the price of the course but also at the cost of accommodation.

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Intensive Courses: Become fluent in Spanish

• Our focus is on successful communication
• 2 – 4 hours daily
• 6 students maximum
• From € 110 / week ( 10hrs of lessons )

Workshops and activities

practice your Spanish and socialise
• Show cooking ( cook Spanish style and speak real Spanish )
• Excursions ( tour and tapas in Marbella Old town, Málaga sightseeing tour, Tarifa, etc