The Intensive Courses are designed for those students who want to become fluent in Spanish in the shortest possible time.
Our focus is on SUCCESSFUL COMMUNICATION. Available at all levels, our intensive courses provide you with all the basic skills for becoming conversant in Spanish or for building on your previous knowledge to extend your language skills, all within just a few months.

In every lesson, we combine grammar and conversation to allow you to learn then practise the necessary cornerstones of the language.
You will study the basic language skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening – with an emphasis on vocabulary so that you can communicate orally and in writing, and you will also benefit from an overview on Spanish culture to help you understand – and enjoy – the Spanish lifestyle.

The purpose of forming small groups (2 to 6 participants per class) is to maximise learning efficiency and to offer all participants as many opportunities as possible to practise their newly gained skills. We believe in boosting confidence – everyone CAN communicate.
You just need the words to do so!

Course description and price

Starting Dates Every Monday
Lesson hours per week 10-20 hour per week, with possibility of scheduling private lessons
Duration 1-4 weeks and 5 weeks or more
Levels All levels, from beginners to advanced
Learning materials Student’s textbook and workbook for the appropriate level required
Enrolment fees No enrolment fees required
Lesson Duration 55 min.  +5 break per hour = 1 hour
Class Size Max. 6 students per Spanish class. Min. 3
Intensive Course 10 h / week
1 week 4 weeks 4 months


€470 €1800.00 + books