Discover Key Phrases for Everyday English


Discover Key Phrases for Everyday English

Welcome to a journey through everyday routines, where words become the key to confident English. This blog will guide you through useful expressions and phrases, from sunrise to sunset, making it easier for you to interact in a variety of everyday situations.

1. Starting the Day

Spanish: “Hello, how did you amanecido?”

English: “Hello, how did you wake up?”

Learn how to express yourself and connect with others at the start of the day.

2. Activities at Home

Spanish: “Voy a preparar el desayuno ahora.”

English: “I’m going to fix breakfast now.”

From morning chores to organizing the space, these phrases will give you the ability to narrate your daily actions effectively in English.

3. At the Supermarket

Spanish: “Necesito comprar leche, pan y frutas.”

English: “I need to pick up milk, bread, and some fruits.”

Mastering the key expressions for supermarket shopping is essential. These phrases will help you make your shopping list in English.

4. Work or School Day

Spanish: “Tengo una reunión a las 10 de la mañana.”

English: “I’ve got a meeting at 10 in the morning.

Explore how to describe your work or academic day in English. From meetings to daily tasks, these phrases will help you communicate your routine efficiently.

5. After Work Plans

Spanish: “¿Quieres salir a cenar esta noche?”

English: “Do you fancy going out for dinner tonight?”

Learn how to propose plans and ask questions to organise activities after work or school. Develop your ability to express intentions and coordinate with others.

6. Night Farewells

Spanish: “Buenas noches, see you tomorrow.”

English: “Good night, see you tomorrow.”

Conclude your day gracefully using farewell phrases. Whether at work, with friends or at home, these expressions will help you close your interactions in a friendly and polite manner.

By incorporating these phrases into your daily routine, you will not only improve your English, but also gain confidence in dealing with a variety of everyday situations. 

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