English course for Tourism Catering and Hospitality

The course is 40 hours and is divided into 4 hours a week over 2 days.
RECIPIENTS: This course is aimed at entrepreneurs, workers in the hospitality industry, tourism, catering and any person seeking employment in the hospitality industry who intends to acquire the necessary knowledge for English proficiency.

Course description and prices

Duration 40 Hours
Price 320 €

TRAINER: Sofía Montes López- Menchero

Studies and Training: Diploma in Business and Tourist Activities

Professional Experience: Teacher specialized in Hotels, Tourism and Restoration. With more than 20 years of experience in the hotel industry and experience in large hotel chains abroad.

  • English and Spanish teacher at the MISS Languages ​​academy.
  • Trainer of English and Tourism seminars.
  • Trainer at HEC Marbella for students of Diploma and BBA (the Global Academic Partner of the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) for Spain)


The course will be taught in English, always taking into account the level of the participants.

  • Different Hotel Departments / The different Hotel Departments.
  • Tourism in General. What does Tourism mean? The Tourism in General. What is tourism?
  • Receiving clients, welcoming and seating / Receiving, welcoming and locating our clients.
  • Presenting information, advising and recommending / Presenting information, advising and recommending.
  • Explaining and instructing: explaining dishes and drinks / Explanations and instructions: preparation of dishes and drinks.
  • Taking orders / Take the command Aperitifs / Appetizers.
  • Taking orders / Take command Starters / Entries.
  • Taking orders / Take the command Main courses / Main courses.
  • Taking orders / Take the command Desserts / Desserts.
  • Taking orders / Take the command Table drinks / Drinks.
  • Handling money / Money Management
  • Farewells-customers are leaving / Farewells
  • Taking phone calls. Reservations / Receive phone calls. Reservations.
  • Check-in / Check out / Tickets and departures
  • Housekeeping Department / The Apartment Department
  • Giving directions: Indoors and outside. / Directions: Inside and outside the establishment
  • Menus, letters, emails / Menus, letters, email.
  • How to handle complaints / How to handle or manage complaints